Bumbleride Indie Twin: The Only Stroller You Will Ever Need

Bumbleride Indie Twin

After three children, multiple strollers, and endless hours of research, we finally found a double stroller that met all of our needs. The durable Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller can fit two children over many years. It is flexible enough to accommodate a newborn and a seven year old next to each other. Sitting side by side, our 4-year old can hold the bottle for the infant, when necessary. And this stroller has the strength and stability that the tandem strollers generally lack, especially when the children have large weight and size disparity.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin has many advantages, which we will list in the order of what we found to be most important after years of experience with strollers:

1. 12” air-filled tires. The wheels are absolutely amazing and make for a smooth and comfortable ride for babies and kids. The wheels have two modes – complete swivel for around town, and locked, for jogging or over rough terrains. The stroller can be taken over grass, rocks, snow, and even the beach.

2. Both seats have multiple recline positions, and lay all the way flat for newborns and older kids sleeping. Each seat operates individually, so that one child can be sleeping, while the other is sitting up.

3. Very large seats. Seatback is 19” tall, but significantly, it is 24” from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy, which offers plenty of headroom for even our tall 12 year old (who would probably like to ride, but is not allowed to - he tried it out though). The seat is 10” deep, 11” wide, and 11” long from the seat to the bottom of the footrest.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Using a Bassinet and Seat

4. The seats are well built, strengthened with metal bars behind the backrest (not just a flimsy cardboard found in most strollers), and can hold very heavy children. The stated capacity is 90 pounds, but we have been able to fit well over 120 pounds on the stroller, without it tipping whatsoever, and still were able to maneuver it easily, with only one hand steering.

5. Although it is a side-by-side stroller, it maneuvers through aisles, doorways and other tight spaces with ease.

6. The steering is so effortless, that it can be done with one hand, even with a fully packed stroller and both children in it.

7. SPF 45 canopies are extra large, and they are placed high on the seatback, for even the tallest children. Our 44” tall four-year old rides for hours comfortably, with a lot of room to spare above her head.

8. The footrests have three individualized positions. A footrest can cocoon a newborn in, especially when combined with a flat back position.

Bumbleride Indie Twin Large Seats and Canopies

9. Large storage basket.

10. Adjustable handle.

11. Individual bumper bars that can turn into snack and drink containers.

12. 5-point harnesses.

13. It comes in beautiful colors and even in color combinations. Our favorites are the Lotus Pink, Lotus Blue, or the combination for one boy and one girl.

14. Cushy and comfortable fabric.

15. Multiple available accessories, including a snack pack, a foot muff, a double rain cover and a matching diaper bag.

The only (relatively small) disadvantage is that the seats don’t face the parent. However, this is counteracted for a newborn by placing her or him in a bassinet, which faces the parent. The bassinet secures easily on top of the seat, so the seat does not have to come off before the bassinet is placed on the stroller. Also, the canopies have magnetic view windows, so you can see the children even when they are facing forward.

Bumbleride Indie Twin is a perfect stroller for traveling, because you can easily attach one or two car seats right on the stroller seats, and then take them off once you reach the doorway of the airplane. You will never have to carry the car seats or your children throughout the airport. Attach the car seats, strap your children in, load up the big storage area with your carry-ons, hook up the diaper bag to the handle bar, and you are ready to move quickly through the airport. Most importantly, your children will have a comfortable space to retreat to when they get exhausted on vacation.

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