Top 5 Disneyland Neighbor Hotels

A Disneyland vacation is best if you stay at one of 3 Disney hotels. We particularly recommend the Disneyland Resort Hotel for the following reasons:

- Kids are greeted by Goofy in the lobby, which keeps them entertained even while you are checking in

- The best character dining at the parks can be found at Disneyland hotels

- Goofy's Kitchen (Has the most popular characters, including Goofy, Pluto, Chip 'n' Dale, Minnie and sometimes Mickey)

-Storyteller's Cafe (Has Chip 'n' Dale, Pluto and the Country Bears for breakfast)

-Disney's PCH Grill (Mickey and Friends in their Surfing outfits meet you at your tables and join you on the dance floor)

-It is a walking distance away from both parks and has easy access to the monorail

-There are plenty of close self-parking options

However, if this isn't in your price range, there are very good neighboring options for around $200/night. These are our personal favorites:

1. Anaheim Majestic Garden Inn (Views of Fireworks!)

2. Anaheim Marriott Suites (Great Bathrooms)

3. Hyatt Place Anaheim (Best Service)

4. Desert Inn and Suites (Free Breakfast Buffet)

5. Sheraton Garden Grove (Comfortable Bedrooms)

*Neighboring hotels aren't on Disney property, but we recommend them because of our pleasant experiences at all 5 of these hotels. Getting to the park is just a short bus ride away (Bus fare may be included in your room stay at select hotels) and they drop you off right in front of the park entrance. It is also possible (but not always recommended) to walk to the parks from some of the closest hotels like our top pick, The Anaheim Majestic Gardens, previously known as Sheraton Anaheim Hotel.

1. Anaheim Majestic Garden Inn

-This hotel is inspired by a fairytale castle with rich theming. Once you walk into the castle, you are truly immersed and it doesn't feel like you have left Disney property. The rooms are the largest of all of the hotels on this list, but the bathroom is a little tight. Otherwise, it has a free shuttle, a koi pond and a beautiful garden. Some rooms even have spectacular views of fireworks. The walk is a bit long, but it is a really short drive to the Mickey and Friends parking structure. Since 10/10 is really only for hotels on Disneyland property, this one gets a 9/10.

Summer Price Avg: $169/night Winter/Holidays Price Avg: $110/night

2. Anaheim Marriott Suites

-This one has amazing bathrooms which makes getting ready very efficient. It has overall pretty good rooms (they are suites so there isn't much to complain about), but it is very far from Disneyland proper and the shuttles stop at several other hotels (not to mention it's the city bus which costs money). Driving to Disneyland is really your best bet, but it can be a half hour in total until you've parked. The Marriott Suites gets an 8/10.

Summer Price Avg: $139/night Winter/Holidays Price Avg: $125/night

3. Hyatt Place Anaheim

-This one is a fairly close walk to Disneyland and the convention center, but has no shuttle. Either way, driving would be our recommendation. The rooms are nice and the bathrooms are larger than the Majestic Garden's. It has a delicious complimentary breakfast and a very modern lobby. Definitely one to check out! This one also gets an 8/10.

Summer Price Avg: $164/night Winter/Holidays Price Avg: $139/night

4. Desert Inn and Suites

-This hotel isn't the most luxurious and it had pretty bad service. However, it is the closest to Disneyland (Our room was right behind Radiator Springs Racers) and the rooms were good. It also had an annual pass holder discount! The location was really its downfall. It was on the corner of Katella and Harbor which gave some rooms a lot of noise (ours faced the Disneyland side so it wasn't that noisy) and the only way to get to Disneyland was to walk through a 7-11 parking lot. If you stay here, prepare to drive to Disneyland. The complimentary breakfast was okay and overall, I give this a 6/10.

Summer Price Avg: $159/night Winter/Holidays Price Avg: $201/night

5. Sheraton Garden Grove

-The rooms were good enough, (nothing memorable) but it had a pretty nice lobby. This hotel was slightly farther than the Marriott Suites and the shuttle went to just as many stops. Driving would be your only option here and getting to Disneyland would be just as difficult as from the Marriott Suites. It's not worth the price either and that's why I give it a 5/10.

Summer Price Avg: $112/night Winter/Holidays Price Avg: $134/night

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