We are a Canadian/American family that loves to travel. Over the years, we have lived in many different places before settling down to practice law (yes, law) and raise our three children with the help of extended family. We started this website because, like many other families, we were facing the challenges of accommodating our own travel needs, as well as those of our children of very different age groups. No one website answered all of the questions we had, and we found a vast majority of travel advice to be so general that it was not useful. So we decided to create our own blog to help other families also looking for advice on traveling as couples, with kids and grandkids, and with extended families and friends. We also strive to help families who combine vacations with business trips.


We write about resorts, restaurants, theme parks, city and beach travel, and helpful travel products. We love food and incorporate our reviews on food and restaurants, as well as include helpful recipes that can be used while traveling or at home. We also write about concerts and music. Another unique aspect of this blog is that we ask our kids what they enjoyed, and even allow one of them to write about his experiences. We strive to provide very specific and useful information, advice on topics we actually experienced, and honest reviews that are not paid for by anyone. All of our experiences and products we own were paid for only by us.


However, this is not a website on how to save the most money when going on vacation. It's about how to maximize the enjoyment and efficiency of travel. Because we work hard inside and outside the home, when we vacation, we need to relax and enjoy ourselves. Otherwise, we would rather not go at all, as spending any amount of money and time, and not enjoying the vacation, is a waste. So we don't pinch pennies on vacations. However, we also don't waste our hard-earned money, so we look for good deals, but only on upscale and high quality products and services. Those are the vacation experiences that we write about.



To contact us, please email us at admin@familytraveladvice.com.

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